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The Internship: Full Review

Overall: 7/10

Disclaimer: I am by no means a film critic and everything I say is my subjective opinion.

The Internship is a 2013 film (4 years late, I know) about 2 salesmen whose company goes bankrupt and they are forced to take up an internship at tech giant Google in order to try and secure a financial future for themselves. The problem is that they find themselves in an age of technology which left them behind, and the film develops with them coming to terms with this new technology with their classic old-school touch.

One of the first things they have to do when they arrive at Google is creating a team, and naturally, nobody wants to be with them as they have no knowledge of the coding behind Google. The only skills these two salesmen have is their years of sales experience and ability to persuade people, they’re firm believers that no matter what, in the end, people like people and not machines. They end up in a team of misfits as the other interns in their group were also rejected from all the other groups.

This group progresses through the summer and start to bond as Billy and Nick (the two salesmen, played by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson respectively) teach their team the value of teamwork, and generally use their greater life experience to show the youngsters how to have a good time and loosen up, and that there’s a whole other world beyond their computer screens. They progress through the challenges put forward by Google and in the end, secure the internship. Along the way, Nick manages to secure a love interest, as it is pointed out earlier in the film that he struggles to hold down a serious relationship. Billy also develops throughout the film as he is originally presented as a character who always manages to mess up, but in the end, secures the sales deal which wins their group the jobs at Google.

There isn’t too much to say about this film, it was a light-hearted comedy, nothing too serious covered with a fairly predictable story line. The acting was excellent but nobody stood out as exceptional.

One of the interesting things to see about this film was the campus and headquarters of Google. Upon arrival, it is presented as a sort of theme park, with slides and rocket ships decorating the main building. There are many unconventional things about the office which attempt to produce a futuristic look, with some examples being the “nap pods”; the fact that everybody travels by cycling on these Google bicycles and that nobody writes on paper, instead the walls of all the individual offices are made of glass and you can write on those with a marker.

In the end, it is shown that the importance of personality, flair and integrity are just as important as being able to code apps and troubleshoot bugs in programs. Billy and Nick are presented as underdogs in this environment that is alien to them and it’s a classic story of the protagonists rising to the occasion to save the day.

I wouldn’t recommend this as a must-watch film, but it is definitely a nice light-hearted way to spend an evening.



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